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Protocol Heli Raider with Gyro RC Helicopter Remote Control Unit

Protocol PREDATOR SB 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro Stabilizer

Genuine 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro Stabilizer Protocol SPIR

Genuine 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter Protocol tough copter ll Free Shipping

PROTOCOL HALCYON 3.5 Channel remote Control Helicopter NEW and Sealed in Box
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Protocol Big Blackhawk 3 Channel Radio Controlled Helicopter

Protocol Tracer Jet Gyro 3.5 channel remote control helicopter

Protocol Thresher 3.5 Channel Remote Control RC Helicopter with GYRO Stabilizer

Turbo Hawk 3 Channel Radio Control Helicopter by Protocol NEW Never Opened
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click for Full Info on this The Budapest Protocol
The Budapest Protocol
Nazi-occupied Budapest, Winter 1944. The Russians are smashing through the German lines. Miklos Farkas breaks out of the Jewish ghetto to find food at the Nazis' headquarters. There he is handed a stolen copy of The Budapest Protocol, detailing the Nazis' post-war plans. Miklos knows it must stay hidden forever if he is to stay alive. Present day Budapest. As the European Union launches the election campaign for the first President of Europe, Miklos Farkas is brutally murdered. His journalist grandson Alex buries his grief to track down the killers. He soon unravels a chilling conspiracy rooted in the dying days of the Third Reich, one that will ensure Nazi economic domination of Europe and a plan for a new Gypsy Holocaust. The hunt is on for The Budapest Protocol. Alex is soon drawn deeper into a deadly web of intrigue and power play, a game played for the highest stakes: the very future of Europe. The Budapest Protocol is a journey into Europe's hidden heart of darkness ... "If this novel was a handbag it would be a black Chanelbeautifully made, perfect for every occasion and just a little old-fashioned (in a good way). . . . LeBor is a distinguished writer of non-fiction and his first novel shows that he's just as good at making it up." The Times (London), "Adam LeBor has deployed the [thriller] format with delicacy, reverence, expertise and (the acid test for even the darkest plots) charm." Daily Telegraph "A page-turning thriller with a meaty conspiracy theory that is rooted in historical fact and bristling with warnings against complacency. Would that all debut novels were so ambitious, timely and relevant." Irish Times "A thoroughly enjoyable debut." Jewish Chronicle "A well-paced Eurothriller that rolls today's headlinesterrorism, loss of liberty, political subterfuge and racial tensioninto a conspiracy from the past that threatens the future of the continent. Fans of the late Robert Ludlum will be happy to learn that in Adam LeBor they have a worthy successor." Mark Burnell, author of the Stephanie Patrick thriller series "A superb thriller from a talented writer. LeBor weaves together a gripping tale of Hungary's complex wartime past and her corrupt, post-communist present. A stylish and atmospheric debut." Charles c*****g, author of A Foreign Country "With a tale that intrigues from the start, Adam LeBor is a deft guide to a central Europe where the shadows of the past still hang heavy and where an alarming future beckons." Jonathan Freedland, writing as Sam Bourne " The Budapest Protocol is a first class political thriller. Only an exceptionally sharp-eyed and knowledgeable foreign correspondent like Adam LeBor could have written this bookhe's been there, he knows eastern Europe and the suspense is the real-life thing." Alan Furst, author of Mission to Paris " The Budapest Protocol is in every way a superior thriller: tense, intelligent and thought-pr
click for Full Info on this Storage Networking Protocol Fundamentals
Storage Networking Protocol Fundamentals
A comparative analysis of Ethernet, TCP/IP, and Fibre Channel in the context of SCSI Introduces network administrators to the requirements of storage protocols Explains the operation of network protocols to storage administrators Compares and contrasts the functionality of Ethernet, TCP/IP, and Fibre Channel Documents the details of the major protocol suites, explains how they operate, and identifies common misunderstandings References the original standards and specifications so you can get a complete understanding of each protocol Helps you understand the implications of network design choices Discusses advanced network functionality such as QoS, security, management, and protocol analysis Corporations increasingly depend on computer and communication technologies to remain competitive in the global economy. Customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and e-mail are a few of the many applications that generate new data every day. Effectively storing, managing, and accessing that data is a primary business challenge in the information age. Storage networking is a crucial component of the solution to meet that challenge. Written for both storage administrators who need to learn more about networking and network administrators who need to learn more about storage, Storage Networking Protocol Fundamentals is a concise introduction to storage networking protocols. The book picks up where Storage Networking Fundamentals left off by focusing on the networking protocols that underlie modern open systems: block-oriented storage networks. The first part of the book introduces you to the field of storage networking and the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model. The second part compares networked storage technologies, including iSCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface over IP) and Fibre Channel. It also examines in detail each of the major protocol suites layer-by-layer within the OSI reference model. The third part discusses advanced functionalities of these technologies, such as quality of service (QoS), load-balancing functions, security, management, and protocol analysis. You can read this book cover to cover or use it as a reference, directly accessing the particular topics of interest to you. Storage networking is a critical concept for today's businesses, and this book provides a unique and helpful way to better understand it. Storage networking is also continuously evolving, and as such this book may be seen as an introduction to the information technology infrastructures of the future. from the foreword by Claudio DeSanti, vice-chairman of the ANSI INCITS T11 Technical Committee
click for Full Info on this Protocol Engineering
Protocol Engineering
Communication protocols form the operational basis of computer networks and tele communication systems. They are behavior conventions that describe how com munication systems inter act with each other, defining the temporal order of the interactions and the formats of the data units exchanged - essentially they determine the efficiency and reliability of computer networks. Protocol Engineering is an important discipline covering the design, validation, and implementation of communication protocols. Part I of this book is devoted to the fundamentals of communication protocols, describing their working principles and implicitly also those of computer networks. The author introduces the concepts of service, protocol, layer, and layered architecture, and introduces the main elements required in the description of protocols using a model language. He then presents the most important protocol functions. Part II deals with the description of communication proto cols, offering an overview of the various formal methods, the essence of Protocol Engineering.The author introduces the fundamental description methods, such as finite state machines, Petri nets, process calculi, and temporal logics, that are in part used as semantic models for formal description techniques. He then introduces one represen tative technique for each of the main description approaches, among others SDL and LOTOS, and surveys the use of UML for describing protocols. Part III covers the protocol life cycle and the most important development stages, presenting the reader with approaches for systematic protocol design, with various verification methods, with the main implementation techniques, and with strategies for their testing, in particular with conformance and interoperability tests, and the test description language TTCN. The author uses the simple data transfer example protocol XDT (eXample Data Transfer) throughout the book as a reference protocol to exemplify the various description techniques and to demonstrate important validation and implementation approaches.The book is an introduction to communication protocols and their development for undergraduate and graduate students of computer science and communication technology, and it is also a suitable reference for engineers and programmers. Most chapters contain exercises, and the author's accompanying website provides further online material including a complete formal description of the XDT protocol and an animated simulation visualizing its behavior.
click for Full Info on this The Prometheus Deception/Sigma Protocol
The Prometheus Deception/Sigma Protocol
Prometheus Deception Robert Ludlum is the acknowledged master of suspense and international intrigue. For over thirty years, in over twenty international bestsellers, he has a set a standard that has never been equaled. Now, with the Prometheus Deception , he proves that he is at the very pinnacle of his craft. Nicholas Bryson spent years as a deep cover operative for the American secret intelligence group, the Directorate. After critical undercover mission went horribly wrong, Bryson was retired to a new identity. Years later, his closely held cover is cracked and Bryson learns that the Directorate was not what it claimed - that he was a pawn in a complex scheme against his own country's interests. Now, it has become increasingly clear that the shadowy Directorate is headed for some dangerous endgame - but no one knows precisely who they are and what they are planning. With Bryson their only possible asset, the director of the CIA recruits Bryson to find, reinfiltrate, and stop the Directorate. But after years on the sidelines, Bryson's field skills are rusty, his contacts unreliable, and his instincts suspect. With everything he thought he knew about his own life in question, Bryson is all alone in a wilderness of mirrors - unsure what is and isn't true and who, if anyone, he can trust - with the future of millions in the balance. Sigma Protocol Ben Hartman is vacationing in Zurich, Switzerland when he chances upon his old friend Jimmy Cavanaugha madman who's armed and programmed to assassinate. In a matter of minutes, six innocent bystanders are dead. So is Cavanaugh. But when his body vanishes, and his weapon mysteriously appears in Hartman's luggage, Hartman is plunged into an unfathomable nightmare Meanwhile, Anna Navarro, field agent for the Department of Justice, has been asked to investigate the sudden, random deaths of eleven men throughout the world. The only thing that connects them? A secret file, over a half-century old, that's linked to the CIAand is marked with the same puzzling codename: Sigma. As Anna follows the connecting threadand Hartman finds himself on the runshe ends up in the shadows of a relentless killer who is one step ahead of hervictim by victim. Now, she and Hartman together must uncover the diabolical secrets long held behind Sigma. It will threaten everything they think they know about themselvesand confirm their very worst fears...
click for Full Info on this The Shadow Protocol
The Shadow Protocol
Move over Jason Bourne. Here from Andy McDermott, the New York Times bestselling author who raises the bar to please adventure junkies who prefer to mainline their action ( Publishers Weekly, starred review), is the high-octane start to a new series starring American agent Adam Gray. Filled with intrigue, adventure, and non-stop action, The Shadow Protocol is perfect for fans of Robert Ludlum and James Rollins. NO ONE CAN KNOW HIM. NO ONE SHOULD TRUST HIM. AND AMERICA WON'T SURVIVE WITHOUT HIM. Adam Gray is a cipher, a disciplined loner conditioned not to betray a single emotion. Part of an elite team spearheaded by a brilliant neuroscientist, Gray is a covert agent armed with PERSONA, a device that allows him to copy the brain patterns of the terrorists and operatives he meets in the field. For twenty-four hours he can recall their memories. He can know every detail of their plans. He can be America's worst enemybefore he's back to being Adam Gray again. Now Gray and his team are racing to stop a plot to release a radioactive isotope that could kill millions. And in a nerve-racking clandestine meeting, Gray senses that his cover is cracked and that the missionnot to mention his lifemay be in grave danger. But as they fight this violent conspiracy around the globe, another threat has emerged. This one has the perfect cover, the most unlikely double agent, and the most terrifying power of all. For a beautiful young scientist has discovered an unforeseen weakness in PERSONA: Adam Gray's own past. Praise for the novels of Andy McDermott [McDermott] raises the bar . . . nonstop high-octane action. Publishers Weekly Easily competes with the works of Dan Brown and James Rollins. Bookgasm True Indiana Jones stuff with terrific pace. The Bookseller Adventure stories don't get much more epic than this. Daily Mirror (U.K.) A writer of rare, almost cinematic talent. Where others' action scenes limp along unconvincingly, his explode off the page in Technicolor. Daily Express (Scotland) From the Paperback edition. ]]>

See all Protocol Tigerjet 3 Channel Remote Helicopter details Protocol Tigerjet Indoor 3 Channel Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro. YellowProtocol Tigerjet Indoor 3 Channel Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro. Yellow
  • Gyro Stabilizer for precise flight
  • Realistic flight: Hover, up/down, right/left, forward/backward
  • Recharges directly from remote controller; requires 6 AA batteries (not included)
  • Exhilarating and easy to fly

Protocol's TigerJet is a marvel of maneuverability in flight. This is the world's best flying indoor helicopter thanks to it's built-in gyro circuit. With it's 3.5 channel infrared remote control and co-axial auto-stabilizing rotors, the TigerJet provides responsiveness and pinpoint accuracy for precise flight and easy handling! Realistic details such as it's flashing multi-color LED lights complete the experience.

See all Syma 3.5 Channel Rc With Gyro details Syma S107G 3.5 Channel RC Heli with Gyro   YellowSyma S107G 3.5 Channel RC Heli with Gyro - Yellow
  • Stable Flight Characteristics
  • Easy to Fly
  • Great for Beginners
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPO Battery)
  • Motor Type: Brushed
  • 3 Channels for moving forward/reverse and turn left and right
  • Additional 0.5 channel to control the lights

The Syma S107G 3ch Mini RC Helicopter Metal Series with Gyro is an easy to fly mini 3 channel helicopter. This helicopter is designed for indoor flight only. The double rotor design helps stabilize flight and makes it easier to control...

See all Syma 3.5 Channel Rc Helicopter With Gyro Blue details Syma S107G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro  BlueSyma S107G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro, Blue
  • S107 and S107G differ only in labeling. Either may be shipped.
  • Stabile Flight Characteristics
  • Easy to Fly
  • Great for Beginners
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPO Battery), batteries for remote control not included
  • Motor Type: Brushed

Metal Frame Remote Controlled Helicopter.

See all Protocol Tough Copter 3.5 Radio Control details Protocol Tough Copter RC Helicopter 3.5 Chanel Radio Control With GyroProtocol Tough-Copter RC Helicopter 3.5 Chanel Radio Control With Gyro
  • •Durable and lightweight alloy frame is designed to handle rough landings and some crashes
  • •Easy control is achieved through a 3.5-channel RC with built-in gyroscopic stabilizer
  • Bright LED spotlight and flashing, multi-coloured tail lights

Protocol's ToughCopter with Gyro is built to withstand crashes that other RC helicopters can't. It's made with a lightweight, durable alloy frame that absorbs the impact of rough landings and some crashes...

See all Syma C Helicopter With Gyro details Syma S107 S107G  R C Helicopter with Gyro  RedSyma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter with Gyro- Red
  • Stabile Flight Characteristics
  • Easy to Fly
  • Great for Beginners
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPO Battery)
  • Motor Type: Brushed

Syma S107G is equipped with a 4-in-1 infra-red receiver (Gyro, ESC, Mixer, Receiver). This palm size S107 Toy Helicopter (18.5cm long) comes with Aluminum Frame and a Great detail canopy. It is able to move in 3 Direction base on the 3 Channels, anyone can hover it easily...

See all Double Horse 9053 26 3.5 Channel Outdoor Metal Gyro Rc Helicopter details Double Horse 9053 26 Inches 3.5 Channel Outdoor Metal Gyro RC Helicopter    NEW Double Horse 9053 26 Inches 3.5 Channel Outdoor Metal Gyro RC Helicopter ---NEW!
  • Full function 3.5 channel radio control (turn left, turn right, up, down, forward, backward, can also fly in high or low speed)
  • 3.5 channel digital proportional control.Built in Gyro for Extra Stability
  • Flies over 100m high. 2 powerful 180 main motors + N20 tail motor
  • Complete Kit, Ready to Fly (Everything is included and 100% assembled -- only required 8 AA batteries for the radio transmitter to start flying)
  • Suitable for 14+ ages. Frequencies & Colors vary.

The newest model with the latest Gyroscope technology. The regular 3 channels allow you to fly : up, down, turn left, turn right, move forward, backward. This new 3.5 channels does all that, plus it let you control the speed, you can either fly in low or high speed by simply switch the speed control button...

See all Syma 3.5 Channel Rc Helicopter With Gyro details Syma S108G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with GyroSyma S108G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro
  • Stable Flight Characteristics
  • Easy to Fly
  • Great for Beginners
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPO Battery)
  • Motor Type: Brushed

JP Commerce Helicopters - 3.5ch Syma S108G Mini RC Helicopter with Gyro - Item: s108g

See all Syma Channel Rc Helicopter With Gyro details Syma S107C Spycam 3 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro  Colors May Vary Syma S107C Spycam 3 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro (Colors May Vary)
  • OEM Replacement Part
  • Uniform Dimensions
  • High Quality
  • Fits Walkeras V450D03

The newest S107C series adds an a whole new dimension to an already legendary RC helicopter, known for its ease and stability of operation. You will be able to fly, record and download your flight adventures!

See all 3.5 Ch Metal Rc Helicopter details 3.5 Ch Metal Indoor RC Helicopter S032G3.5-Ch Metal Indoor RC Helicopter S032G
  • 3.5 channel rc helicopter
  • read to fly
  • gyro
  • for indoor use

What's in the box: RC Helicopter, Charger, Tail Blade, Remote Control (batteries not included), Operating Instructions, Screwdrive

See all Protocol Tracerjet Rc Helicopter P Blue details Protocol TracerJet RC Helicopter iOS Android Control  6182 9D P BI    BlueProtocol TracerJet RC Helicopter iOS Android Control (6182-9D-P BI) - Blue
  • Gyro stabilizer for precise flight
  • Bright flashing multi-colored LED light
  • Realistic flight, Hover, up/down , right/left , forward/ backward
  • Also flies with iPhone and Android (Controller adaptor included)
  • 3.5 Channel infrared remote control

With easy maneuverability, the Protocol TracerJet RC helicopter with Gyro is sure to please every hobbyist. It features a built-in gyroscopic circuit, omni-directional 3.5 channel infrared remote control, and co-axial auto-stabilizing rotors to give you the best possible indoor flight experience...

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